Listening is An Act of Love

by Noble Artright

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For Valentine's day I’m giving family and friends my first release as Noble Artright. It’s a love exploring EP entitled Listening is an Act Of Love. This is probably my most personal piece of work to date. It’s about family, romance, and all the complexities of love. I named it Listening is an Act of Love because with all the choices out there, for you to make room on your ipod or phone for my music is an act of love on your part and a honor for me. This gift is a free download and has no strings attached. Show your appreciation by just taking time to listen.


released February 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Noble Artright Atlanta, Georgia

Noble Artright: emcee, producer, lyricist, artist, king, servant, visionary, sage.


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Track Name: Act of Love Feat. Chester Lacey
anybody who
love and lost and vowed to do it again
got a crush that views you as a friend
who lie to family life of pretend/
if you brought ya love home, they view it as sin/

anybody that feel they won't understand
in love with you best friend man/
what's worse, you know he feel the same way/
Sing Shirley Murdock in the morning as we lay/

Tempted as you try not cross that line
feel guilty the thought even crossed ya mind
couples walking hand and hand lost in time/
friends stay she a hoe, think he lost his mind

whispers in the dark/ cupid hit his mark/
the mind can't process matters of the heart
whispers in the dark/ cupid hit his mark/
the mind can't process matters of the heart

love get complicated, conversations carefully contemplated,
convoluted, confusion, complex
crucial conflict when it’s reduced to sex/
then child support payments reducing ya check

Baby mama drama got baby daddy broke/
But both baby parents love to see the baby grow/
Things ain’t perfect, but things still working/
That cute baby girl make everything worth it/

Cute baby girls grow up so quick/
get kind of thick, teenage boys talk slick
Fathers fight to keep their grip, keep them in control/
Chris Rock, 1 goal, keep them off of the pole/

she ain’t even 1 year old/
healthy baby ten fingers, ten toes/
Got mama’s eyes, got daddy nose/
though they not together they still love her and it shows/
Track Name: Married with Children
Love and marriage, marriage and love/
Stimulate the same areas of the brain as drugs/
We fit together like a hand and glove/
Then children came and it became uhhhh/

bring a little more stress
how can someone so little make so much more mess/
make it so much harder to keep the house clean
lack of sleep make you an your spouse mean

Deferring your dreams to put food on the plates/
work in the morning, no more staying out late
metabolism slow down, put roundness in ya face/
plus wifey cooking good putting inches on your waste/

she use to come to bed in lingerie and sexy lace/
now rollers and flannel pajamas took it's place
Despite it all…we still live great
but sometimes The Good life got a bittersweet taste/

it goes love and marriage, marriage and love/
i'll clean the kitchen you get the kids in the tub/
while you tuck em in, I should be washing the last plate/
they should fall asleep a little past eight/

then we can unwind and have some adult time/
take it back to high school, a little bump and grind/
pipe dreaming, I must be out my mind
cause soon as things heat up, the baby start crying/

or the five year old at the door knocking
I swear children got a knack for cock blocking/
When we finally get em back to sleep
you like "I'm tired let's try later in the week/

now I'm all hot and bothered/
the sacrifices of a husband and a father/
Bachelors got that green grass/
But they want what the married team has
Track Name: The Wake Up Feat. Zuri Murphy, Anderson Scott and Journey Brave
lay a foundation to build on/
just had my second child/ feeling real grown/
i want a moment alone to get into my zone/
but these toys on the floor turn this house into a home/

pamper changing and training for the potty/
found a career and rap became a hobby/
chasing dreams run away from reality/
i need something with benefits, vacation, salary/

no matter how dope the lyrics are was i said/
they ain't dope enough if they don't keep my daughters feed/
this game will play around with your head/
have you forty years old playing around with your bread/

half way through life with nothing to show/
imitating lil wayne still hoping to blow/
don't want to let go don't want be bitter
thin line between a realist and a quitter
Track Name: Sticks and Stones
Verse 1
have you ever played the fool/
insecure but you try to play it cool/
Embarrassed but front like you get all the hoes/
exposed like emperors without any clothes/

The world is so cold, leaves warm hearts frozen/
never swim again cause the last time you dove in/
the waters got rough your ship got wrecked/
from now on bitches don't deserve your respect/

They say hurt people hurt people
so violence won't deter evil/
the catechism can't explain the cataclysm
when cousins cast to prison cause coke is his coping mechnism

I don't visit cause my vision can't process the sight/
don't call don't write/
He snorted up my sympathy smoked up my grief/
So now I pruned his branch off my family tree

Hook 2X
Shoot you down without bullets
Cut you deep and don't leave a mark
Sticks and stones Break your bones
But words break you heart

Verse 2
I resist temptation with thoughts of my daughters
don't want them growing up with emotional disorders/
a bitter divorce worse than armageddon/
parents threaten to use children as weapons/

bargaining chips of a failed relationship/
varibles in the equation of an even split
daughters hear daddy called mommy a bitch
and Mommy told daddy “Nigga get you shit”

impressions on their young mind/
Lashing out, Canarys in a coal mine/
little angels grow up so fast/
deal with trouble at home by interrupting the class/

they see when we scream and we yell
this match made in heaven desends into hell/
floated up to cloud nine lost our balence then fell/
and the family book a room at the heartbreak hotel/

Hook 2X

Verse 3
Hurt feelings linger, hurt feelings linger/
throw rocks at each other, point the finger/
then apoligize come clean
trying to take back words I don’t mean

we both tripping, we both bugging
pushin and shoving wars over nothing/
insecurity, jealousy, pride/
anger, unfaithfulness, bitterness, lies/

so this how it’s gone end
I thought at least we would be friends
you act like you rather cut your arm off/
i guess some lines you can’t uncross/
Track Name: Be Free Feat. Donny Hathaway
My President is black, just like me/
so ain't no telling what my daughter can be/
ain't no limit to the possiblities/
pollinate my seeds, like a colony of bees/

sweet nectar, sweet honey comb/
we want the top suite with our money long/
cause ain't nothing sweet when your money gone/
feel the stress from your feet to your funny bone/

on the phone try to make the bank get the hint/
that we over here trying to make dollars make sense/
got the money food, now we trying to make rent/
got dame, empty pockets only make lent/

but No lonely days spent, with the love of my fam/
make fela mention with belonie and spam/
materially poor, but we spiritual rich/
so I keep the dream of freedom on the tip of my lips/

put it in the air, let burn slow
my dogs die where the red fern grows/
trying to walk the straight path like a permed fro/
cause to make the best butter you gotta churn slow/

Never learned though, like we can't read/
How to keep our business out the street like TMZ
I wanna skip to the front like VIP/
But got to wait in line like the DMV/

yeah cause haste makes waste/
rushing destiny is how bad fate takes place
stakes is high, so is my cousin/
He got a drug problem but the family still love him/

The family still break him of bread, he smoke it up/
Blaming ourselves like we didn't hope enough/
or pray enough, to make the skies open up/
We just want to set him free from that dope and stuff/